About Us

Welcome to Bodhi Wellness, located in Longview Texas and ready to serve our East Texas community. Our mission is to provide you with the tools and resources needed to address the several dimensions of wellness in their lives, as well as assist you on your unique path to enlightenment.

Here at Bodhi Wellness we emphasize the path, believing there are no quick fixes or chemical substances to improve your daily wellness. Rather a series of decisions, regiments, and choices that create your unique path to enlightenment, daily mental and physical ideal.

Where there may be no quick fixes, there are a plethora of tools at our disposal to help us along our path. Where some tools may fit some people's journey's better than others, Bodhi Wellness has committed to growing a catalog of products, workshops, classes, health services and events! 

Over the next year we will be evolving and growing quickly, however due to limitations and hardships you can read about in our blog below, we will be starting this journey with you by offering industry leading natural wellness products! Although currently a limited line, we are growing daily as we continue to acquire more products for our physical retail location in Longview, Texas, and add them to our website for people to access worldwide. 

Restoration inside our retail location is complete, however we are still remodeling and painting the outside of the building and parking lot with plans to open to the public Summer 2022. We do however offer online orders and in store pick up so come see us soon!


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