Lavender White Sage

Purify your home with the beauty and calming
benefits of Lavender and White Sage blended
smudge sticks. Lavender is the perfect compliment
to the purifying nature of White Sage as it adds
special energies of devotion, serenity and grace to
the individual and their space.
No native areas were disturbed while harvesting the
ingredients used in these products. The Sage
and Lavender are sustainably grown with eco-
friendly practices and is handpicked and dried by
the sun. This product is 100% natural with no
preservatives, additives, or additional scents added.
Simply light the Sage Stick over the abalone shell
until a small flame forms then lightly blow out the
flame. This creates a gentle smoke like incense
Move the Sage Stick stick around what it is you want
to cleanse. Remember the goal is to allow a light
amount of smoke to move around your space. Never
leave a lit sage stick unattended!