Terra Origin superfood greens (coffee)

Terra Origin, Greens Superfood Nutrient Rich
Antioxidants with 45+ Natural and Organic
Vegetables, Phytonutrients, Probiotics, Digestive
Enzymes and Herbs, Mint, 30 Servings. Contains a
specially crafted Probiotic Blend for digestive
immune and regulatory support. 1 scoop = 45, 100%
natural ingredients. Valuable Green Foods
Never has tasty food been this green with natural
foods that protect against stress and support
immune support, including spirulina, barley grass,
alfalfa, wheat grass, chlorella, and many more.
Specially formulated to supplement your body with
the valuable nutrients it needs, but doesn't always
receive. One scoop daily delivers over 45 natural,
energy boosting ingredients including fruits &
vegetables, antioxidants & herbs, making it the
easiest way to get your daily greens.
A concentrated and powerful blend of fruit and
vegetable antioxidants to support immune health
and provide protection against free radicals.